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Minsterley Primary School Curriculum


School Vision

We, at Minsterley Primary School, aim to provide a positive, safe and stimulating learning environment. We value all and they are encouraged to reach their full potential, become independent and confident life-long learners, at the same time developing self-belief in their own abilities and achievements. We maintain an inclusive environment which acknowledges and respects children from all diverse family and cultural backgrounds.


Curriculum Design

At Minsterley our knowledge and skill-based curriculum has been specifically designed to fit in with the context and locality of the school. We believe that all children can know more, remember more and achieve more through our interconnecting curriculum that transfers learning into long term memory and creates knowledge through spaced repetition and backwards and forwards learning.


Curriculum Map

At Minsterley we have mixed aged classes throughout the school. Our curriculum is designed into a four-year programme to ensure full coverage of the national curriculum.

Where appropriate cross curricular links are made to humanity topics to enhance pupils’ interest and gain more knowledge. A carefully planned schema is in place for all areas of the curriculum based on threshold concepts. These threshold concepts are what we believe are the thread that underpins powerful connections throughout each subject and transfers knowledge into long term memory.


Planning Documents

Intent statement

Key Drivers for our Curriculum

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