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Year 1/Year 2 Class


Teacher: Mrs Leonard

Teaching assistants:

Miss Owen, Mrs Jones and Mrs Hill

This term our topic is ‘Travel, Transport and the First Flight’.


We will be exploring a range of texts that link into our topics. We are
consolidating our learning on sentence types, conjunctions, types of
punctuation and recapping spelling rules. We will be using the texts The
Three Little Pigs, The Great Paper Caper and Rosie Revere Engineer. We
will use Rosie Revere to write explanations, reports and adverts.
After half term we will be learning about the Wright Brothers, writing instructions
and poetry based on the seaside.
We are continuing to work through Phase 5 and 6 phonics using our new program
‘Essential Letters and Sounds.’ Guided reading will continue where all children will
take part in a carousel of learning where they can complete a variety of reading


Year 1 children will be working on multiplication and division where they will
be counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and making and sharing equal groups. They will be
introduced to fractions, beginning with a half and a quarter. We will finish the term
with position and direction, money and time.
Year 2 children will consolidate their learning on multiplication and division and be
introduced to fractions. We will explore statistics and properties of 2D and 3D
shapes. Following on from this will be learn about position and directions, and length
and height.
We will continue with our Challenge Tuesdays, with a focus on patterns and rules.


Our topic is called ‘Travel, Transport and the First Flight’.
In geography we will be comparing and contrasting polar, equator
and desert climates. We will be learning about the different
types of weather they experience and think about the effects of flooding.
In history we will be learning about the Wright Brothers, how people travelled
around the world in the past and how this effected where our food came from.


In the first half term we will be learning about ‘Materials’. We will be learning about
the properties of materials and consider how properties can
influence what we might use them for. We will be testing the
strength of paper and researching John Boyd Dunlop.
In the second half term we will be learning about ‘Seasonal Changes’.
This has been a unit of work we cover each term, so we will be
looking at comparisons between the Spring and Summer and describing the
differences in temperature and weather. The children will also learn about sun


In PHSE we will be looking at ‘Being my Best’ and ‘ Growing and Changing’. We will
continue to discuss how we can look after ourselves, including diet,
hygiene and exercise.


In Art we will be looking at Sculptures and Collage. We will be using materials
around school to help us create our sculptures.
In Design and Technology we will be researching, designing, making and evaluating
our couscous salads.
In RE we are focussing on special places of worship.
In P.E. we will be practising skills in athletics and racket skills
All being well, we are hoping to run two trips this term, one to RAF Cosford and the
other to the Quarry in Shrewsbury.

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