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Year 1/Year 2 Class


Teacher: Mrs Leonard

Teaching assistants: Mrs Hill


The first text we are diving into is ‘Dragon Machine’ by Helen Ward where the
children will be writing their own adventure stories. Following on from this, we
will read the book ‘Major Glad, Major Dizzy’ by Jan Oke. The final piece of
writing will be a diary entry recounting the events from the character’s
perspective. Throughout both of these texts we will continue to review word
groups, rehearse sentences and check correct punctuation has been used. We
will build on the variety of conjunctions that the children have learnt to expand
and extend their sentences. We will also learn about different sentence types
and the correct punctuation to use. The children will also learn about different
suffixes such as –er, -ed, -est and the prefix un-. We have begun to look at
past and present tenses during our grammar lessons and the children will have
opportunities to consolidate their knowledge on this.
All of the Year 1 children will continue to have a daily phonics lesson where they
will complete and consolidate their understanding of the Phase 5 graphemes and
common exception words. The Year 2 children will continue to learn spelling


Year 1 Maths– The children will build upon their knowledge of numbers to 20
then 50, understanding where the numbers fit in the number system and how to
build and manipulate the numbers (through partitioning) and comparing numbers.
They will use this to add and subtract using strategies that will support their
mental arithmetic, initially using a variety of equipment. We will conclude the
term with length, height, mass and volume. The children will have opportunities
for practical measuring and comparing measurements.
Year 2 Maths– We begin the term counting money, both pence and pounds. We
will make amounts, thinking carefully about which coins to use and finally giving
change. Following on from this we will begin a multiplication and division unit
focusing on 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. We will conclude the term with length,
height, mass, capacity and temperature. The children will have opportunities for
practical measuring and comparing measurements. We will continue with
fortnightly Challenge Tuesday and our weekly arithmetic work.


This term we will be learning about animals including humans and plants. We will
review the characteristics of living things and learn about lifecycles and what
we need to survive. We will learn about the parts and functions of a
plant. We will investigate what plants need to grow successfully and to
know the different stages within the lifecycles of a plant.

Geography and History

In Geography we will learn about the difference between physical and human
features. We will identify and label the oceans and there will also be some local
fieldwork to look at our immediate surrounds and how we can look after our
habitats. Our focus in History will be learning about the Wright brothers,
Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earheart and how they contributed to flying
aircrafts today.

Art and D&T

In Art we are studying and creating our own weaving. Design and Technology is
designing and creating a structure to make a chair for Baby Bear.


We will be learning how to make music digitally and creating tally charts.


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