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Reception/Year 1 Class


Teacher: Mrs Roberts and Mrs Thayer

TAs: Mrs Middle, Mrs Speake and Mrs Tilley


We really enjoy stories in Clee Class and have a lovely
book corner with a wonderful selection of books for fiction,
topic interest, poems and tales. This term we are starting our
theme reading Walking Through the Jungle and Down in the Jungle. We will
conclude our term with poems and rhymes, leading on to a Dinosaur theme.
Our book focus fosters enjoyment of reading, listening to story language and
developing imaginative play, including small world and role-play. Year One
continue to practise sentence structure, spellings, punctuation and grammar.
The children develop their expressive and descriptive vocabulary.
Phonics Clee Class will continue with daily phonic sessions. As the
children develop their phonic knowledge, they will become more
confident to segment and blend the linked reading books to
share at home. This term, we will be working through digraphs.
We regularly review our practised phonemes, alongside our writing activity
books for guided letter formation. The children enjoy practising their markmaking with various media and tools during continuous play and creative


Reception will gradually work on numbers to 10,
exploring how these numbers are made (composition).
They will continue to practise using their subitising skills
to support their learning. Children will use a range of
resources to enable them to develop a secure understanding of number
Year One will also use visual and practical equipment to support their
understanding. The children will continue to practise their subitising skills for
secure number bond facts.


This term we will observe seasonal changes, as Winter turns to
Spring. This includes weather watching and signs of new growth with our
planted bulbs, as the term continues. Forest School provides further
environmental learning in support of Science. Animals, including Humans will
be our Year One theme, as we sort and compare groups of animals for
classification. The children develop their investigative vocabulary including
enquiry questioning.


We will be comparing similarities and differences in the past and now,
as Year One find out about historical Flight.
Music will be linked to our animal theme, as will Art for animal sculpture and
3-d modelling in the Creation Station. We look forward to
creating puppets for Design Technology.
Through geographical learning, Clee will also explore Our
Wonderful World with contrasting environments.


will be focussing on Keeping Safe and Rights and Respect. This includes
online safety and healthy choices.


We will consider Special Places and towards the end of the Spring Term
we will look at the Festival of Easter







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