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Reception/Year 1 Class


Teacher: Mrs Roberts and Mrs Thayer

TAs: Mrs Middle, Mrs Speake and Mrs Tilley


We will continue with our daily phonics sessions, where we will practise applying our phonic knowledge to read and write. Reception will continue to revise phase 3 sounds whilst also moving onto Phase 4 and Phase 5. Year 1 children will continue to practise Phase 5 sounds in preparation for their phonics screening check in June.


Children’s reading books are changed weekly and matched to their personal level of development in reading, plus a book matched to the new learning from the phonics programme that week. Reading with your child at home is VITAL for their progress; please read at least 4 times a week at home. Don’t forget to read their Top 20 story book to them too  – we have a couple of children who have very nearly shared all 20 with their parents/carers at home.


The children love ‘Drawing Club’; every week we will share stories linked to our wider curriculum. This term our stories will link to the themes of growing plants, seaside and pirates. We also have a selection of non-fiction books in class to support this topic work. By the end of the term we aim for Reception children be independently writing a caption or sentence using their phonic knowledge.


In Maths we will continue to support the children’s understanding of number; consolidating knowledge of numbers to 10 and moving on to numbers beyond 10. We aim for children to know number facts for numbers to 10 eg 8 is made up of 6 and 2. We will also be learning about sharing, halving and doubling numbers. These will be practical lessons using cubes, blocks, small world toys etc inside and outside the classroom.


We will be asking ‘What is a Monarch?’. We will learn about our current king, King Charles III, and about William the Conqueror. In Geography we will be asking ’What is it like to live by the Coast?’


This term we will be looking at ‘seasonal changes’ and plants.  We will continue to identify characteristics of each season, exploring changes in our environment as we move into Summer. We will be planting seeds and learning to take care of young plants as they grow. Year One will be keeping a plant diary for non-fiction writing.  If you or anyone in your family is a keen gardener and has any extra plants we might use we would love to have them.


In PSHE we will learn how to look after our bodies including eating healthily. This will also be reinforced in our DT work where we will be exploring a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and creating a healthy snack.








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