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Reception/Year 1 Class


Teacher: Miss Lacy and Mrs Breakspeare

Teaching assistant:  Mrs Middle  and Mrs Hill

This term our topic is ‘Cracking Ideas and
Inventions’ linking to travel and transport


We have planned lots of exciting texts to use in our English lessons
this term, starting with Handa’s Surprise and The Naughty Bus!
Children will write for a variety of different purposes including
stories, letters and instructions. Reception children will continue to
use their phonics to write words using finger spaces to separate them. Year ones
will use capital letters and full stops in their sentence writing. All children will be
expected to form letters correctly.
We are really pleased with our new phonics scheme and are so proud of how well the
children are using their sound knowledge to read words and sentences. In each
session, children will review the sounds they have learnt previously and it is
important they continue to practise these using their sound cards at home.


Reception will be expanding their learning on number by exploring numbers
to 20 using a range of different models, pictures and equipment to get a
deep understanding. Children will continue to work on their number
formation ensuring their numbers are formed correctly and in the right direction.
We will also be using our understanding of numbers to find patterns.
Year 1 children will be looking at counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and spotting any
patterns they can see and using this knowledge to solve problems. We will then move
on to looking at fractions (halves and quarters). The children will learn how to find
fractions of shapes and of a quantity of objects or pictures. We will also be working
with the children on counting forwards and backwards to 100 and comparing
numbers to 100.


Our topic is called ‘Travel and Transport.”
In geography we will be looking at Climate and Extreme weather. The children will be learning about different weather types and looking at weather symbols. They will learn key vocabulary such as; climate, atmosphere, drought, heatwave, flood and monsoon.
In history, later in the term, we will be learning about the first aeroplane flight and the Wright Brothers and their incredible invention.


This term our Science topic is ‘Materials’. We will be learning to identify the name
of an object and the material it is made out of. We will carry out some simple tests
relating to the properties of materials. We will also expand our vocabulary to
include transparent and opaque.


In PHSE we will be looking at ‘Being my Best’ and ‘Growing and Changing’. We will look at which foods are good for our bodies and how we can eat a balanced and varied diet. We will also find ways that we can overcome challenge and adapt our mindset.


In Design and Technology we will be tasting, designing, making and evaluating
couscous! Our focus will be on how we can add different fruits and vegetables to
make it bright, colourful and tasty. I can’t wait to taste the children delicious
couscous inventions!
In Computing, we will be focussing on digital writing. The children will be exploring using a keyboard to type, add and remove text using a keyboard and a mouse and explore the differences between using a keyboard or a pen for writing.
In RE we are focussing on which places are special and why. The children will explore
different places of worship and their features and will also consider places that
they feel are special to themselves.

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