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Year 5/ Year 6 Class


Teacher: Mrs Kinnersley & Mrs Prophet

Teaching assistants: Mrs Bromley


In English this term we will be exploring a wide range of texts, some of which
will be linked to our topics. In the first half term we will be reading and writing
about our new class book ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ by Phillipa Pearce. We will
also be reading and writing about a new book: ’Kai and the Monkey King’ by Joe
Todd Stanton, which is based on ancient Chinese mythology, as part of our
writing scheme. Our main focus in terms of writing will be on sentence
structure, vocabulary and developing techniques to engage and inform the
reader. The children will have many and varied opportunities to learn and
practise writing skills, both in English and across the whole curriculum.


In maths we will begin with decimals and percentages and their place in the
number system, including many opportunities for children to apply their
knowledge and explain their reasoning. We will then move onto the topic of
algebra which offers great scope for problem solving and applying mathematical
logic. The third topic this term will be measures, including converting units and
area and perimeter Finally, we will tackle ratio, which combines and builds upon
the previous learning in fractions, decimals and percentages. A
significant amount of our maths this year will rely on everyone knowing
the multiplication facts so we will be working very hard on our times
tables through teaching and using the home school apps Times Tables
Rock Stars and Maths Shed with the aim of improving speed and accuracy. The
more children practise their times tables the easier they will find maths
learning in school. This term our problem solving focus is word problems.


Our topic in the first half term is Anglo Saxons where we will be learning all
about invaders and settlers. In the second half term we will develop this theme
as our topic is Vikings.
Science, DT, Art and Computing
Our first science topic is Animals Including Humans where the children will explore
how the circulatory system works. In particular, children will learn about the heart,
the blood, the blood vessels and the lungs and how they work together to keep
humans alive! Children will also learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and
the affect of bad drugs on the body. After half term, our science topic will be
Electricity where pupils will construct simple series circuits. They will learn how to
represent a simple circuit in a diagram using recognised symbols. In
computing we will be learning about Creating Media and Data and
Information. In art we will be learning about 3D sculptures and the
inspiration behind some pieces of 3D art. Children will make their own 3D
sculpture using a variety of materials. In D&T we will be making a product using


We have a fantastic range of new books in class for children to read
independently at home and in school. Each year group has a recommended top
20 reads. This list can be found inside your child’s Reading Record. Thank you
to everyone who donated a book last academic year. In school, we provide daily
reading opportunities, some of which are guided where we focus on the
following skills: vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and


In PSHE our topics will be ‘Keeping Myself Safe’ and ‘Rights and
Responsibilities’. Long Mynd class will have ukulele lessons where we will listen
to, perform and explore music in a variety of ways. In French we will be learning
the following topics: family and sport. In PE this term the children will enjoy
gymnastics and netball. Within RE our focus will be on the Islamic faith and
children will explore the five pillars of faith important to Muslims and how
these pillars help them to live a good life.

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