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Year 5/ Year 6 Class


Teacher: Mrs Kinnersley & Mrs Prophet

Teaching assistants: Mrs Bromley


In English this term we will be exploring a wide range of texts some of which will be linked to our science topic about habitats.  Our main focus in English will continue to be on sentence structure where we will ensure we punctuate sentences correctly and we are confident at using a wide range of sentence types.  All writing work will be based, whenever possible, on high quality texts which offer models and examples for children to develop their own writing skills.


Our first topic is statistics, which includes drawing and interpreting line graphs and pie charts and calculating the mean. The second topic in maths this term is geometry, learning about properties of shape, including problem solving with angles.   In the second half term we will continue the vital task of practising and consolidating calculation skills and fluency with fractions, decimals and percentages.  However, we will also tackle some more extended and creative problem solving activities and investigations.  In addition, Year 6 pupils can look forward to an exciting maths project which is part of their transition to Year 7.


Our first topic this term is ‘The Vikings’ where we will investigate areas such as chronology, main events and conflict. Alongside this we will explore artefacts to help us have a better historical understanding. Our second topic is ‘Where does our food come from?’ where we will be investigating food miles, food imports and trading. We will also be collecting and analysing data.

Science, DT, Art and Computing

Our first science topic is ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’ where will explore a variety of plants and animals and examine how they have adapted to suit their environment.  We will follow this by looking at the changes that occur in humans as they develop into old age which will be closely linked to RSE (relationship and sex education). Finally, we will explore the work of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution and inheritance.  In design and technology we will be improving our sewing skills and creating our own stuffed toy. In art our topic is called ‘Craft and Design—Photo Opportunities’ and in computing we will continue to look at e-safety and how to be safe online. Alongside this we will be looking at developing our computer programming skills.


Our class novel in the first half term will be ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz.  Also we will look at a range of non-fiction texts linked to the our geography, PSHE and our science topics. Alongside these books there is a wide range of books for your child to choose from in class. In school, we provide daily reading opportunities, some of which are guided where we focus on the following skills: vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarising. For those children who require further support with their reading they will take part in additional reading sessions as much as possible.


In PSHE we will look at a range of topics linked to ‘Being my Best’ which covers making the right choices and community awareness. Plus we will cover some basic first aid. In French we will be enjoying the topics Sport and Holidays. Whereas in PE this term we will be doing rounders, cricket, athletics and swimming. Within RE we will have a focus on world views – how does faith help people when life gets hard?


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