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Year 4/ Year 5 Class


Teacher: Mrs Holloway

Teaching assistant: Miss Lewis

This term our topic is ‘How did the railways change Minsterley?’.


In English this term we will be exploring a wide range of genres which will
include play scripts, diary writing, newspaper articles and biographies. All of the
writing will be linked to a range of good quality texts. Within guided reading a
lot of our work will be based on the book ’Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty which
is linked to the same era as the Industrial Revolution. Our main focus in English
will continue to be on sentence structure where we will ensure we punctuate
sentences correctly and we are confident at using a wide range of sentence
types and sentence openers. Plus we will continue working on using words to
create an impact on our reader.


In maths we will continue working on fractions and decimals. After this we will
cover statistics, time, shape, position and direction. In June the Year 4s will be
taking the government times table checker test which requires them to know all
of the times tables facts. This involves answering 25 random questions based
on all of the times tables facts. They have 6 seconds per question with the
target of getting all 25 questions correct. Therefore it is vital that your child
learns and knows the times tables facts as soon as possible. As a result
we have been and will continue to work very hard on the times tables
facts through teaching and using the home school apps (Times Tables
Rock Stars and Maths Shed) with the aim of improving speed and
accuracy. The more your child practises their times tables at home the easier
they will find the maths in class!


Our topic is called ‘How did the railways change Minsterley?’ which will involve
studying the impact of steam during the Industrial Revolution and then
investigating the influence steam had on our local history. If anyone has or
knows anyone who has information or photographs of any of the local railways
or mines we could have a look at, we would be very grateful.

Science, DT, Art and Computing

Our first science topic is ‘Teeth and Digestion’ where we will learn about: why
we have different teeth and how the digestive system works. In the second
half term we will look at ’Living Things and their Habitats’ plus ’Human
Development’ where we will learn in more detail about how the human body
changes and how to classify animals and plants. In design and technology we are
going to be cooking. Within computing we are going to learn how
databases work and have a go at creating our own and will continue to
look at aspects of e-safety. In art we are going to focus on shading and
pencil skills to start with and progress on to collage and painting.


We have a fantastic range of books in class for children to read independently
at home and in school. Each year group has a recommended top 20 reads. This
list can be found inside your child’s Reading Record. In school, we provide daily
reading opportunities, some of which are guided where we focus on the
following skills: vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and
summarising. Our class book will be Street Child and a lot of our non-fiction
reading will be linked to the science and history topics. For those children who
require further support with their reading they will take part in additional adult
led reading sessions as much as possible.


In PSHE we will cover ’Being My Best’ and ‘Growing and Changing’ which will
cover topics such as: keeping healthy, growth mindset, human development and
first aid. Stiperstones class will continue to receive music lessons from a
professional music teacher where they will listen to, perform and explore music
in a variety of ways. In French we will be enjoying the topics: hobbies, school
trips and seasons. Whereas PE this term will be swimming, rounders, cricket
and athletics. Within RE we will be investigating the questions: What matters
most to humanists?

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