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Year 2/ Year 3 Class


Teacher: Miss Thomas

Teaching assistants: Mrs Simpson, Mr Crippin


This term we will be starting with the story ‘Stone Age Boy’
by Satoshi Kitamura which is a historical narrative. The
children will be using the story to
write their own version through the
point of view of the main character.
Later on in the term, we will focus
on a non fiction text called ’Big Blue
Whale’ by Nicola Davies. Here the children will be writing
an informative article about whales persuading for the
protection of the blue whale. Throughout the term, children
will be working on sentence work using examples of ’super
sentences.’ The children will still be focussing on their
spellings using sessions of phonics and Spelling Shed to
support them.


To start the year, the children will continue
with ‘Multiplication and Division.’ We will
move onto ‘Length and Perimeter’,
’Fractions’ and ‘Mass and Capacity.’ The
children will continue to work on their Times Tables using
TTRS and will be able to access work to support tasks in
class through Maths Shed and 1 Minute Maths. As with
the rest of the year, the children should be practising their
times tables regularly using TTRS at home as they are
encouraged to do so in school. Their TTRS knowledge will
be invaluable when the children learn about Fractions.


Our focus for Science will be ‘Forces and
Magnets.’ Children will compare how
things move on different surfaces, notice
that some forces need contact between 2
objects, but magnetic forces can act at a
distance, observe how magnets attract or repel each other
and attract some materials and not others, compare and
group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis
of whether they are attracted to a magnet, and identify
some magnetic materials, describe magnets as having 2 poles
predict whether 2 magnets will attract or repel each other,
depending on which poles are facing.
Later in the term, we will focus on ‘Rocks’ where the children
will compare and group together different kinds of rocks on
the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties,
describe in simple terms how fossils are
formed when things that have lived are
trapped within rock and recognise that soils
are made from rocks and organic matter.


Our History focus will be on Anglo Saxons where the
children will be finding out about why and how they invaded
Britain. Within Geography, the children will be learning
about Rainforests and why they are so important. Other
areas will be ‘Creating media, Data and Information’ in
Computing. Gymnastics and OAA in P.E.

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