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Attingham Park

Wrekin and Clee Class had a brilliant day at Attingham Park today. We climbed trees, made dens, played Pooh Sticks, tried to find some pirate treasure by following a map and had a very muddy play at the park.


William Caxton

In History this term we are looking at how communication has changed overtime. William Caxton is believed to have been the first person to use a printing press in England to produce books. Before this each book was hand written! We used magnetic letters and paint to ‘print’ his name. It did get a bit messy! 🙂

Class Exhibition

Wrekin Class were very excited to show their family and friends all the things they have done and learnt about Africa and the Polar Regions. They spent the day setting up their ‘stalls’ and worked together to decide how they wanted it to look and to make a sign. When the parents arrived the children were brilliant at showing and telling them all about Africa and the Polar Regions. Well done everybody 🙂

Code and Go

Last year each class did an enterprise project – the aim was to make as much money as we could. Wrekin and Clee class both worked very hard and did a fantastic job. They decided to put their money together and bought a fantastic set of coding resources. This afternoon Wrekin class have had a go at using the robot mouse on the maze. They were very good at following the rules to take care of our new game. They all managed to get the mouse eat the cheese! Some groups were able to carefully plan a set of actions that they wanted the mouse to follow to reach the cheese. The children are excited to try some of the other mouse related coding resources very soon!


African Sunset Instruction Writing

This morning Wrekin Class created African sunset pictures using pastels and black card silhouettes. The children had to think carefully about each step they took so that they could write their set of instructions. They were super at remembering to start each instruction with a ‘bossy’ verb. The final pictures looked great!

African Cooking

This morning we cooked a traditional African food called Githeri. It was a mixture of rice and beans. The children enjoyed exploring the different types of beans we used. We talked about how if people in Ghana were cooking this then they may have used an open fire and a great big cooking pot. There was certainly a mixed response from the children… some loved it and others were not so keen!

Forest Fun and Art

Yesterday Wrekin Class enjoyed their Forest Fun and Art session. We were looking for signs of Autumn and talked about hibernating animals. The children even managed to sneak a shield bug into class and accidentally painted some of him red… They are excited to show you their art work in today’s Harvest Festival


Today as part of our computing curriculum the children were introduced to the Bee-Bot app. They were exploring how to create an algorithm and what to do when it all went wrong! They realised that if they didn’t put in the correct algorithm, the bee didn’t do what they wanted it to. It took lots of perseverance, determination and effort to solve each challenge.

Star Dome

Last week Techniquest (Wrexham) came into school to talk to all the children about our solar system and the stars.  The children enjoyed learning about the different star constellations, their names and many facts about the planets in our galaxy.  We all had lots of fun!

Enginuity Trip

Wrekin and Caradoc really enjoyed their trip to Enginuity. They had great fun making and launching their rockets.

Spaceship in the playground?!

On Monday, when we arrived at school, we found a spaceship in the playground. Wrekin and Caradoc class decided we needed to investigate! We went outside and gathered lots of evidence. One of the children suggested that we called the police. The police asked us to give them all the evidence we had gathered. We even set up a trap using some biscuits to see if we could spot them. The police came out after school and took the spaceship and slime for evidence. We received a letter this morning showing the computerised images of what the police thought the aliens might look like. They have asked us to make wanted posters to try and find them – these will be going up around school. Please let us know if you see the aliens!

One Potato, Two Potato

Thank you to everyone who kindly brought some potatoes into school! We had a great afternoon exploring the different shapes, sizes, colours and varieties. We discuss all the things we can make using potatoes and what they look like once they have been chopped up. We have planted our own potatoes which you can see in the tubs outside of our class. After we had finished exploring the potatoes we used them for printing! What a great way to finish the day. The book we have shared this week is called Oliver’s Vegetables – in the book Oliver tries a variety of veg before finding potatoes and making his favourite thing – chips!

Vegetable Planting

Yesterday we started to plant some vegetables as part of our Science topic. The children really enjoyed finding out what the different seeds looked like and discussing how to care for a plant. Wrekin Class are now in charge of looking after the plants and making sure they water them! Once the plants are are big enough the children re-plant them in the outdoor garden. We are excited to try our tasty, home-grown treats in the summer!

Easter Fun!

Today we enjoyed a range of Easter activities. We made rice crispy cakes, painted bunnies with our fingers, made some lovely chicks, coloured in an egg and watched some of Hop! Spot the biggest child in the room – Miss Lacy! Have a great Easter holiday everyone 🙂

Veolia and Severn Trent

As part of our topic about ‘Saving the World’ we have been learning about recycling and where our waste goes. First we had a visit from Severn Trent to explain how water gets cleaned, brought to our houses, taken away and cleaned again before re-entering the water system. We then we had a visit from Veolia and found out all about recycling and which material goes where! The children’s recycling knowledge really is fantastic!

ISING Pop Assembly

Today the whole school enjoyed an ISING pop assembly. We danced, sang, spelt ‘love’ with our bodies and even measured children’s mouths to see whose was the biggest. This was linked with our school values. What a brilliant morning!

Ironworks Trip

Wrekin and Caradoc Class enjoyed a lovely trip to the Ironworks in Oswestry on Wednesday. During our day we painted some pebbles which are going to be used to form a pathway at the Ironworks. We also had a look around the shops and did some sketching. In the afternoon we completed the safari quiz, had some ice cream and shared a story. The story was from the Wigglers (where we had painted our pebbles) and was about everyone being unique and special. The children and staff all had a brilliant day and we are so proud of them all. The Ironworks were amazing hosts!

Having a go!

This afternoon we had a go at making a finger puppet to see how materials joins together before making our sock puppets. We were only allowed to use recycled materials and left over bits of craft things! We realised that material doesn’t cut as easily as paper and that we had to cut carefully. Look at our amazing finger puppets!

Pancake Day

Today we had a go at making our own pancakes! We followed the recipe to make them and enjoyed having a go at flipping them. The best bit was definitely eating them… yum! This week we will be writing an explanation text about pancakes.

Evaluating Sock Animals

This afternoon we having been evaluating sock animals by saying what we do and don’t like about them. Next week we will be designing our own sock animals! We will be making these using recycled products – socks!


Yesterday we were beginning to think about Global Warming in relation to our Saving the World topic. We discussed how the atmosphere is getting thicker – meaning the heat from the sun is being trapped around our world. The children were very worried about the ice at the Arctic melting and what would happen to Father Christmas and the animals. We carried out a fair test to see whether the ice would melt quicker when wrapped in cling film (to trap the heat in) or not. We found out that the ice does melt quicker when the heat is trapped in. The children were able to relate this back to our planet and think about ways we can stop this from happening!

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