Our Topic

This half term our topic is ‘Superheroes.’  This topic gives us the opportunity to explore the curriculum through a range of stories, poems and non fiction texts.


Every week or two weeks will be themed around a specific story or information text that links to our topic.  We will be focussing on retelling stories through role play, speaking and listening and building upon their existing and new vocabulary as well as giving the children opportunities to write.  I would encourage you to find opportunities to support your child by reading with them and encouraging them to talk and retell the story (of your choice) as well as introducing new vocabulary.


In Maths this term we will be mostly focusing on number.  The children will be learning about recognising numerals of personal significance, counting, recognising numbers and recording using marks they can interpret and explain.  I would encourage you to explore numbers with your child by noticing numbers they can see in the environment, counting objects and making sets.


We will be learning about Ourselves, through healthy eating and learning about our bodies, People who help us – local Superheroes e.g. Police, Vets, Fire Service etc. and our superhero families.


All children will read their individual books in school and will have opportunities for guided reading.  In class we focus reading mainly through phonics to support your child’s development in their word building skills.