We ask that children work on three basic skills at home – reading, spellings and times tables. These are all taught in school but require lots of practise both in school and at home!

Reading Aim to complete 4 reads (20 minutes or more) per week at home. Record this in your Reading Record—hand this in on Friday morning. Please could an adult sign the four reads in the Reading Record (Home Links book). If they complete and record 4 reads per week your child will receive one Dojo point. Your child can change their book as soon as they have finished reading it or if they are not enjoying it. As soon as your child has finished their ’take home’ book they can take an Accelerated Reader quiz. Using a unique parent login (please ask me if you require a login) you can track the achievements of your child in these quizzes.  It is sometimes possible for children to take quizzes on books that you have purchased/borrowed (please note that quizzes can only be completed in school).    

Spellings will be set on Tuesdays as 10 online games on Spelling Shed www.spellingshed.com  (paper-copy available on request), Your child will receive a Dojo point for completing their spelling assignment on Spelling Shed or completing fully the paper copy by Tuesday.

Times Tables homework will be set on Thursdays using Times Tables Rock Stars  https://ttrockstars.com/login (please ask if you prefer a paper copy). Your child will receive a Dojo point for completing all set games on Times Tables Rock Stars or completing the paper version by the following Wednesday. Your child also has access to Maths Shed if they wish which offers a chance to work on various maths skills.

There is access to online homework resources during most lunch times if needed, but this relies on your child choosing to do this.

All homework will be rewarded with a Dojo point each week so this will enable you to keep track of how much is being completed.

If you have any questions, please contact me on Class Dojo.

Many Thanks

Mrs Holloway